Oggy and Cockroaches

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Oggy and the Cockroaches is a French animated series. Oggy is a cute blue color toy cat with wimp and is of soft nature. The fun filled cockroaches’ mania starts in Oggy’s house. There are three cockroaches that have attacked at Oogy’s house. Joe, Deedee and Markey have decided to bring storm in Oggy’s home and disturb him in his activities. Oggy brings many sorts of puzzle games and adventure for your child to enjoy his full playtime. Puzzles are meant to develop kid’s hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills and to improve logical thinking. This crazy and hilarious story is recollected in the form of puzzles for infants.

Kids can have endless hours of fun with these toys & games. The puzzle games are made from non toxic material which is of very high quality and are completely safe for kids. When kids get busy in completing the puzzles, mothers can complete their household work in the meantime.

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